It's all Art


William Dyson 

At a very early age my father exposed me to the rock and soul music of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Much of the music that I create is a result of taking in the eclectic sounds that I was exposed to in my youth. My father was a d.j. and when I was young he wired our home up so that in every room there was a speaker. He would play a wide range of music, James Brown, Madame Butterfly, Bob Dylan, Free and Charles Mingus. Later my bother Paul and I discovered the sounds of Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.

When we were young we were encouraged by my mother to lead lives as creative artists. My mother would write plays for us, and we would each take a role. In the afternoon she would line all six of us up and we would also learn a Gospel, Blues or Rock song. When my father arrived home from work we would perform the play and the song for him.

 As a young child I discovered that I had a talent for creative improvisation. I could pick up a pen and begin to draw or write and in not much time I would create something unique.

When I began to create music, I used the same kind of  improvisational  approach. I enjoy the artistic risk and the new directions that this way of making music can take. I think if you create music this way, the uncensored emotions, sounds, and colours that have been internalized can be outwardly expressed.

For me, music should be about something. I want to try to create music that has some meaning.

I want to create music that can be both beautiful and confrontational.

I'am also very much involved in developing liberation technology that can bring about systemic change and empowerment for communities in struggle.

At the age of 5, I began a meditative practice. My family spun into poverty 6 years later, the meditative practice helped me to get through the daily hunger pains, support my family, and experience the understanding that  I was not alone in struggle.

I'am the founder of: Douglass and created the  BCL 

All thanks to you !